Here there be ...Stuff About Things

You may be here because a thing sent you here, perhaps it is a thing you are now owner of - if so, my thanks and appreciation to you for being a wonderful humanoid being. Also my apologies for the state of the place, it'll be a while before things are looking the 'swanky' because I insist on doing it all myself.

Herein be some answers to questions you may or may not have about the Silver Things.

Why no hallmark?

Well spotted, legally speaking anything under 7.78g doesn't need to hallmarked (anything heavier can't be sold as Silver but needs to be called 'white metal') but the main reason there is no hallmark is down to me not having one yet. That'll be happening at somepoint soon, but will be dependent on the selling of the Things.

Why Eco-Silver?

Call me an old hippy if you like but I like the idea of recycling the unused parts of other folks' creative projects into mine, think of all the creative energy and intention shloshing about in the Silver. Despite what you might think it isn't the cheap option and is often more expensive than Sterling Silver

What is this Salt Water Etching?

I don't have a fancypants workshop, I'm pottering away in a bit of the loft so really wanted to find a way of etching Silver that didn't involve nasty chemicals and/or the need for special ventillation. After some lovelly research I found some suggestions on how to use salt water and batteries to work as the etchant with the only chemical side product being some chlorine gas which can be "scrubbed" by passing through water but more of the full process later.

So what is Reticulation?

Reticulation is fun with torches. You heat up the surface of a piece of metal with a gas torch until it starts to melt and you get all manner of interesting and random patterns forming. It ensures that no two pieces will be the identical.

Speak of Oxidised things.

Again we have an eco-friendly approach to this. Instead of harsh chemicals I use 'Thee Enwhiffenator'. The Enwhiffenator is fed occassionally with egg yolks and as they rot and decay the Hydrogen Sulfide given off turns Silver black. It takes longer than the chemical approach but is kinder to the environment (it is not kinder to my nostril parts, and the Enwhiffenator needs to be taken out of the house to be opened, lest is really stink the place up good and proper).

Thee Enhwiffenator Enwhiffenates

The Enwhiffenator makes mighty whiff.

Really, no chemicals at all?

A very wise person recently pointed out that pretty much everything is chemical in nature... but as some are nastier than others I try to keep things as pleasant as possible. My pickle for cleaning firescale or oxidisation is half salt and half apple cider vinegar. It takes longer to clean a piece up but who's rushing?

It's pickling time with pickling Jeff and Jobe's here as well.

Eco Pickle in action.